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An ideal get-away for family and friends World class fishing at Eva Lake Resort & Outposts Catch 'n' eat, or catch 'n' release fishing at Eva Lake Resort & Outposts Big Fish South Lodge Lake Walleye
Teddy & 24 inch beauty Midnight Walleye @ Light Lake Square Pants & Wally
Nice Walleye Hog Pike off beaver dam Mother Nature on Eva Lake Pike !!! 16 ft. Lunds & 25 hp Honda 4 strokes at the resort
Connie and nice Eva Lake Smallie catch n eat the small ones, release the big ones 29 inch Beauty Mack Daddy 43 inch Chubby Pike Mel's big Ol Laker
Marty's beautiful laker Doc Walsh's Big Pike Killer Light Lake Smallie Hog Light Lake Pike Light Lake Smallie
Nice Light Lake Pike Breck Big Smallie Breck Bob Big Pike Matt Big Bass Ranlee Big Smallie
Vic & Ken Walleye Supper to be Eva Lake Hog Pike Matt & Rich Fresh Supper Medley LeClair Byers Walleye Billy hog smallie
Raider Power
Carson and Big Pike Big Ol Smallie

For more information, please call or Email us at:
Eva Lake Resort & Outposts
P.O. Box 10
Atikokan, ON
P0T 1C0
Toll-Free: 1.800.382.4386
Email: [email protected]


WWW evalake.com


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